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Enrich by Malaysia Airlines

  • Enrich by Malaysia Airlines and utu have partnered to bring more Tax refund benefits to Enrich members. Treat yourself to a tax-free shopping spree when you’re travelling overseas.​

    With utu, Enrich members can receive up to a 40% more in Enrich Points on their tax refunds (e.g. a $100 refund is converted to $140 in Enrich Points worth 7,341 points). Moreover, the utu Tax Free Card is available across 50 countries, including Europe, the UAE, and more.​

    How it works​

    • Download utu app from the App Store or Google Play Store  ​

    • Register and choose Enrich as your preferred rewards partner ​

    • Enjoy your tax-free shopping!  ​

    • Remember to fill up your 16-digit utu Tax Free Card number on the tax refund form to receive your tax refunds. ​

    • Validate your tax refund forms at airport customs before you fly home.  ​

    • Receive a notification via the utu app when your refund has been processed by the tax refund operator and the amount is received by utu.  ​

    • utu will credit Enrich Points to your Enrich account.  

  • 1. As per the standard proposition, members will earn 7,341 Points for every USD100 of VAT refunds.

    2. Enrich points will be credited to the member’s Enrich account within 48 hours from the date of successful submission of the request.

    3. Enrich members will be eligible to convert utu miles only if:

    a. Enrich membership is active at the time of registration

    b. Enrich account is linked to the member’s utu account and selected as default Refund Method

    c. The Enrich account number, First and Last name etered in the utu app matches the details in Enrich account.

    d. Tax refund has been successfully credited to the utu Tax Free Card

    4. Enrich members will be notified via the utu App once the VAT refund has been received. 5. utu Tax Free standard terms and conditions apply.

  • utu Support

    Operating Hours: 11:00 – 19:00 (CET or UTC/GMT+1)

    Telephone Support: +44 (800) 041 8174

    Email Support:

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