100% VAT Refunds

For the first time ever, you’ll get what you deserve as a tourist shopping tax free.

100% Instantly

The only way to enjoy your full VAT Refund as you shop.


Shop at any UTU Partner store and identify yourself as a UTU member at the cashier.


Enjoy a 100% in-store eVoucher or opt for a conventional refund.


Ensure that you validate your Tax Free forms at Customs before departing your last EU country.

Full refund for your tax free shopping. Always.

For the first time ever, you'll enjoy the full amount of your refund, as your favorite brands overseas will reward you as a tourist with 100% in-store eVouchers to enjoy on purchases.

The future is now

We've designed a product that will seamlessly reward you on every spend as a tourist.

Where to shop

Enjoy 100% refunds at the following stores in Milan, stay tuned for more!

Football Team

Foto Ottica Cavour


La Voglia


Musto Calzature

Ottica DMZ

Ottica Barello

Ottica Nicolosi

Forte Forte

Ottica Cavour

The Store



Bassetti Tessuti

M. Bardelli


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