It's Always Rewarding

Get up to 10% extra cashback on your VAT refund. Any eurozone country. Any operator.

Bonus Cashback across the eurozone

Simply enter your UTU Plus Virtual card number in the credit card refund field of any Tax Free form. 


Activate your UTU Plus Virtual Account when you are about to travel.


Shop Tax Free in the eurozone. Enter your UTU Plus Virtual card number into the credit card refund field of your Tax Free form.


Validate your Tax Free forms at Customs at your eurozone departure country. Drop them in a public or VAT operators’ mailbox at your point of departure.

A rewarding solution that always offers more

We're here to help you earn more. From that latest French bag to those new Italian sneakers, it's about giving you more on what rightfully belongs to you. UTU Plus is an innovative solution designed to give you more, EveryDay. An additional 5% can be earned through promotions from our Partners – keep a look out! Remember: don't ask for a cash refund at the airport and don't hand your payment card over for Tax Free. With UTU Plus, your refund and bonus cashback appear in the UTU app.

Shop Tax Free anywhere in the eurozone

Enjoy your bonus cashback in the following 19 countries

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