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A completely paperless user experience from start to finish is headed your way; A simplified process of VAT (value added tax) refund for merchants, tourists and authorities.

UTU, a digital VAT refund and points provider, has sealed a partnership with eValidation Austria, Vienna. Launch plans are in place to introduce the first seamless and fully digital end-to-end tax-free shopping solution in Europe.

Bureaucratic hurdles when applying for a tax refund or long waiting times at the airport are now a thing of the past. Tourists can now receive their customs validation digitally. Retailers have the opportunity to boost their sales by eliminating the need for a time-consuming manual process and allowing their customers to benefit more from their tax-free shopping.

The solution was developed by experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in the tax-free industry. In addition, last summer eValidation won an invitation to tender for the International Airport Wien-Schwechat in order to simplify the current tax-free procedure and the associated customs controls.

The cooperation with eValidation will enable UTU to realize its vision of seamless digital connectivity of businesses and buyers on a European and worldwide scale. “This eliminates the hassle of filling in forms for in-store purchases, delays, and bureaucracy – both for retailers and customers in all their transactions and at the airport,” said Alessandro Ciambrone, SVU Tax Free at UTU.

“Our common goal is to provide tourists with a seamless, unprecedented digital experience based on our technologies – paper-based and manual operations have been the norm so far, but now we’re able to digitize the user experience, from which the stores and Their customers benefit the most as the reimbursement is much more efficient, higher amounts are reimbursed and airport operations are smoother, “says Ciambrone.

Atahan Tepe, MD Product at eValidation, sums up: “The Austrian authorities and Vienna International Airport have evaluated a number of solutions as part of a tender for a system for fully digitized VAT reimbursement validation eValidation is pleased to provide the solution and to companies such as UTU who want to move the industry forward. ”

Gerd Gfrerer, MD Sales at eValidation, adds: “Our platform gives merchants better service and tourists more choice – the processors of the refund requests can provide their services in real time, and the digital flow of data ensures the financial authorities a transparent and secure data processing UTU is the first Operator connecting to the eValidation platform to deliver the first fully digitized validation service in Europe. ”

UTU will be launching a product suite over the coming months to bring more value to tourists worldwide and to merchants in Europe.

UTU is headquartered in Singapore and has its European operations office in Milan, Italy, to address major retailers of luxury and consumer goods as well as the needs of European and Asian tourists.

About UTU, Singapore / Milan: www.utu.global

About eValidation Austria, Vienna: www.eValidation.tax

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