Infinity MileageLands (EVA Air)

Infinity MileageLands, your best gateway to a great tax-free shopping experience

Turn Dreams into Destinations with EVA Air’s Frequent Flyer Program, Infinity MileageLands.

Now, you can receive more of your tax refund in Award Miles. With the utu Tax Free Card, earn  USD125 worth of Award Miles for every USD100 in tax refunds.

Members will earn 3,125 Award Miles for every USD100 in tax refunds. To qualify for the 250 Bonus Award Miles, Infinity MileageLands members can accumulate their tax-free shopping receipts up to USD1,500 when refunded to their utu Tax Free Card.

With another airline onboard, utu can provide more rewards that will add value to your travel journey! With a new way to earn Award Miles on your tax-free shopping, you will have access to more benefits as a traveler. Activate your utu Tax Free Card and link your Infinity MileageLands account now to earn Award Miles when you shop tax-free across 50 countries.

Get ready to unlock diverse experiences suited for the globetrotter. Register for utu Tax Free to enjoy this fantastic deal!

Terms & Conditions

Promotion Terms and Conditions

  1. Award Miles will be credited to the member’s Infinity MileageLands account within 10 working days from the date of successful submission of the request.

  2. Infinity MileageLands members will be eligible to convert utu miles only if the:

    1. Infinity MileageLands membership is active at the time of registration

    2. Infinity MileageLands has been selected as the default Refund method

    3. To link your Infinity MileageLands, the membership account entered in the utu Tax Free app must match the Infinity MileageLands membership account

    4. Tax refund has been successfully credited to the utu Tax Free Card

  3. Infinity MileageLands members will be notified via the utu Tax Free App once the Tax refund has been approved.

  4. utu Tax Free standard  Terms and Conditions apply.

Claim Missing Award Miles

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