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Vietnam Airlines

  • Reaching further into the world of tax-free shopping rewards with Lotusmiles.

    utu welcomes the newest addition to its fleet – Vietnam Airlines and its loyalty program, Lotusmiles. You’ll be able to take advantage of extra perks thanks to a new option to earn Lotusmiles on your refunds from tax-free shopping on your travels.

    With utu Tax Free Card, you can convert every USD100 of tax refunded to utu Tax Free Card to earn USD125 worth of Lotusmiles – a great way to earn more Lotusmiles on your travels when you shop tax-free!

    Getting started is simple

    Activate your utu Tax Free Card and link your Lotusmiles membership account now to earn Lotusmiles when you shop tax-free across 50 countries. Visit the ‘Quick Guide to using your utu Tax Free Card’ article on the utu Tax Free app for more information.

    The ultimate travel experience starts with tax-free shopping rewards. Don’t forget to register for utu Tax Free to receive rewards for your next shopping trip!

  • As per the standard proposition, members will earn 5,000 Lotusmiles for every USD100 of Tax refund, valid from 18th August 2022

    Lotusmiles will be credited to the member’s Lotusmiles account within 10 days from the date of successful submission of the request.

    Lotusmiles members will be eligible to convert utu miles only if the:

    Lotusmiles membership is active at the time of registration

    Lotusmiles has been selected as the default Refund method

    To link your Lotusmiles, the First Name, Last Name and Membership account entered in the utu Tax Free app must match the Lotusmiles membership account

    Tax refund has been successfully credited to the utu Tax Free Card

    Lotusmiles members will be notified via the utu Tax Free App once the Tax refund has been approved.

    utu Tax Free standard  Terms and Conditions  apply.

  • utu Support

    Operating Hours: 11:00 – 19:00 (CET or UTC/GMT+1)

    Telephone Support: +44 (800) 041 8174

    Email Support:

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