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Flying Blue

  • Now, Flying Blue Miles for your VAT Refunds are for grabs too.

    Your options when choosing the Reward Partner of your preference for your VAT refunds have just expanded to include European Airline Partners.

    Flying Blue, the joint loyalty program of Air France and KLM, is inarguably a noteworthy contender among the myriad of frequent flyer programs that are available globally. This new addition presents options for our utu members to convert their VAT refunds to earn Flying Blue Miles that can be redeemed on the two well established European airlines, alternatively use them on partner airlines like Delta or Virgin Air.

    In addition to the ease of booking flights, there are several other advantages, from accruing Flying Blue Miles with any hotel partner to exclusive discounts on car rentals.

    Flying Blue Members can now earn 4,686 Miles for every USD100 of tax refunded through the utu Tax Free Card.


    Download the utu Tax Free mobile app on App Store or Google Play Store

    Register an account and activate the utu Tax Free Card

    Select AF/KLM Flying Blue as your preferred Rewards Partner

    Fill in the utu Tax Free Card information on any Tax refund/VAT refund form or Tax refund kiosk

    Receive rewards with a marked-up value of USD125 for every USD100 received in tax refunds when shopping abroad, which translates to 4,686 Miles for every USD100 of tax refunded through the utu Tax Free Card

    With utu Tax Free Card, you can now receive a larger percentage of your VAT refund in Flying Blue Miles.

    At every stage of the journey, utu seeks to provide ease and flexibility while enhancing your travel experiences. Make the most of your trip by utilizing the utu Tax Free Card for taxed products.

    Enjoy limitless access to bonus VAT rewards! To begin converting your VAT returns into Flying Blue Miles, download and activate your utu Tax Free Card today!

  • As per the standard proposition, members will earn 4,686 Miles for every USD100 of Tax refund, valid from 12 July 2022

    Miles will be credited to the member’s Flying Blue account within 07 days from the date of successful submission of the request

    Flying Blue members will be eligible to convert utu miles only if the:

    Flying Blue membership is active at the time of registration

    Flying Blue has been selected as the default Refund method

    To link your Flying Blue, the membership account entered in the utu Tax Free app must match the AF / KLM membership account

    Tax refund has been successfully credited to the utu Tax Free Card

    Flying Blue members will be notified via the utu Tax Free App once the Tax refund has been approved.

    utu Tax Free standard  Terms and Conditions  apply.

  • utu Support

    Operating Hours: 11:00 – 19:00 (CET or UTC/GMT+1)

    Telephone Support: +44 (800) 041 8174

    Email Support:

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