UTU Tax Free FAQs

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What is UTU Tax Free?

UTU Tax Free is the world’s first major mobile innovation in tax-free shopping. It introduces a brand new way of claiming your VAT Refund . Our App tracks all your refunds, saving you time queuing and filling forms. All from your fingertips! Most importantly, it offers you a higher refund on your overseas shopping.


What is UTU 100% Refund?

UTU 100% Refund is an instant refund given to you in the form of an eVoucher, in equal value of your VAT refund amount. You can redeem this eVoucher immediately for your next purchase in the store. There are no fees or charges applied.


How do I get a 100% refund?

When you shop at any of our selected UTU Brand Partners, you’ll be prompted on the cashier’s device to opt for a 100% in-store eVoucher that is made available instantly on your mobile which you can then redeem immediately for your next purchase at the same store.


How do I claim a VAT refund?

Under EU regulations, international travellers can claim Value Added Tax (VAT) paid on goods they have purchased in the EU. To be eligible for tax-free shopping in any of the EU countries, you must reside permanently outside the EU or have a valid long-term visa (over 3 months) for a non-EU country.

At your last country of departure before leaving the EU, but before checking-in, you need to obtain a Customs stamp on all your VAT Refund forms at any Customs – airports, seaports and others. Prepare your duly-completed VAT Refund forms, receipts, and passport. The Customs officer may request to see your purchases before validating your forms.


Do I need my passport to do tax-free shopping with UTU?   

Yes, even if you have registered your passport details on the app, you will still need your passport to verify your tourist status for tax-free shopping.


Where can I find the list of participating UTU Brand Partners?

Go to ‘Shop’ section on the App and UTU Brand Partners are listed there. These are the shops that offer UTU 100% Refund in the form of an eVoucher.


Do I need my VAT refund forms validated at Customs?

We advise you to keep all your VAT refund forms and receipts as they need to be validated at Customs checkpoints.


What if I had forgotten to validate my VAT refund forms at Customs?

If you have redeemed the 100% Refund eVoucher, you have 21 days from the date of issue of the eVoucher to validate your forms at the Customs. If you have missed that opportunity, you will be charged the full amount of the eVoucher plus processing fees to your selected Payment Channel.


What does Refund to Payment Channel mean on cashier’s device mean?

When you choose Refund to Payment Channel instead of 100% Refund eVoucher, your VAT is refunded to your choice of payment channel and you will receive up to 80% of your VAT refund amount, subject to your completion of due process of validating the refund forms at Customs.


Why was my VAT Refund form denied at Customs?

There could be many reasons why the forms may be denied including 1. Failure to provide the required information, and 2. Not meeting the minimum spend at a single retailer. Whatever the reasons may be, validation of the Forms fall under the jurisdiction of the Customs. We have no control. We advise you to contact the Customs for further clarifications.


How long does it take for the VAT refund to be credited?

If you have completed all the paperwork and got the VAT refund forms stamped at the airport or seaport, mailed the documents and requested your VAT to be refunded to your credit card, you should receive your refunds within 21 working days.


Which are the mobile operating systems that UTU supports?

For iPhone, iOS version 7.1 and above

For Android, version 6.0 and above  

How do I register for a UTU account?

  1. Download the UTU App available on App Store, Google Play, Mi Store, Huawei App Store, Baidu App Store
  2. Register your profile with your First Name and Last Name. (Ensure that the name you filled-in is in accordance to your Passport.)
  3. Enter your Mobile and Passport Number
  4. Enter your credit card details and proceed to verify the credit card with bank OTP process


Why do I need to enter my credit card information?

You will need to enter at least one credit card when you register so that all your VAT refunds will be credited to the choice of your payment channel. The fastest option is to scan your credit card so that we are able to capture the right information. Alternatively, enter the information manually. Ensure information entered is accurate or there could be delays for you to receive your VAT refund.


Am I able to edit my profile after I have registered?

You may open the UTU App > Menu > View and Edit Profile > Done


How can I update my credit card information?

You may remove a credit card by swiping left on your ‘My Cards’ screen and adding another.


What is the UTU ID?

When you register for a UTU account, UTU will provide you with a unique ID associated to your account. The UTU ID resides on the bottom right of homepage of your App after you have registered successfully. Once you click on it, it’s displayed as a QR Code, you may switch to a Barcode by clicking on it.


Where can I view all my transactions and refunds?

On the top navigation bar, click on arrow that displays a summary of your VAT refund transactions. All of your transactions from your VAT claimed tax free shopping will be reflected in your ‘Statement’ at the bottom of the page. The Statement details the Transaction History of the eVoucher claimed, pending refunds, and total refunds.


How do I delete my UTU account?

To remove your Account, open your UTU App, select Menu > View and Edit Profile > Edit > Delete Profile.


Why am I unable to delete my UTU account?

A possible reason why your account cannot be deleted is due to pending amounts in your account. Simply contact UTU Support and we will assist you to clear the pending amounts and remove your account.

How does UTU 100% Refund work?

  1. Download UTU, register for UTU membership with your mobile number, email, and add your passport and payment channel details.
  2. When you make a purchase at a UTU Brand Partner store, at cashier, identify yourself as UTU member. You will be asked to scan your Member UTUID from the cashier’s device and to select a refund option of your choice. Select your 100% Refund in the form of eVoucher which you can use instantly for your next purchase at the same UTU Brand Partner Store.
  3. Please ensure that you remember to validate your tax refund forms at Customs within 21 days of issue to avoid being charged the full amount of the 100% Refund (received in the form of an eVoucher on the app).
  4. Alternatively, you may choose Conventional Refund to Payment Channel that will offer you up to 80% of your VAT refund amount to be credited to your preferred payment channel.


Does the eVoucher has an expiry?

Yes, all eVoucher issued at subject to the UTU Brand Partner’s terms and conditions. Please refer to the eVoucher terms and conditions on the UTU App.


Can I exchange my eVoucher for cash?

All eVoucher issued at subject to the UTU Brand Partner’s terms and conditions. Please refer to the eVoucher terms and conditions on the UTU App.


Is there a minimum/maximum amount for conventional refund to Payment Card?

There is a minimum of 10 USD to be refunded as the conventional refund to Payment Card but here is no maximum limit set.

The app is not loading on mobile. What should I do?

Make sure that your device is connected to WiFi or that your mobile data is activated on your mobile. 


Where do you store my information?

Your information is stored in the encrypted formats at secure servers. UTU is PCI compliant which means that we are verified to securely handle payment information.

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