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VAT 101: Tax-Free Shopping

What is Tax-Free Shopping (TFS)?   “VAT Refunds, Tax-Free Shopping” … we hear these terms a lot when someone’s flying back from London or ending their week-long shopping spree in Paris. So, what’s it all about?? When trying to learn … Read More

UTU Partners with eValidation Austria: Delivering the First Fully Digital VAT Refund Platform in Europe

Original Article Source: Boërse-Express, Germany & OTS Economy, Vienna A completely paperless user experience from start to finish is headed your way; A simplified process of VAT (value added tax) refund for merchants, tourists and authorities. UTU, a digital VAT refund and … Read More

Tax-return sector ‘needs technology to take it to the future’

SERIAL entrepreneur Asad Jumabhoy, who has built two global tax-return companies, believes that the time is ripe for the industry to be disrupted with modern technology.