Plan your upcoming travels

#TogetherInTravel How travel’s about to change Like many of you, we’re now fondly reminiscing about the halcyon days of travel and yearning to plan our next trip ahead in 2020. As countries begin to release their shutdowns periodically with cautious … Read More

UTU brings compelling travel content to tourists through Arrival Guides collaboration

#TogetherInTravel UTU Tax Free users can now access exciting travel content, thanks to a collaboration with Lonely Planet company, Arrival Guides. This feature will be available through UTU’s City Guide by the end of May. UTU, the go-to app for … Read More

Working from home during COVID-19

With the number of COVID-19  cases growing exponentially and the pandemic situation rapidly escalating, most companies have made the executive decision to begin work-from-home procedures to protect and safeguard employees through social distancing. This has led to an unusual challenge … Read More

UTU’s like-minded partners extend a helping hand

As the world is mending and adjusting to the changing times, we’re in sync with all of our UTU Partners here and globally supporting each other so that we come out of this stronger than ever. There is always a … Read More