About Us

We connect shops to shoppers, transforming purchases and VAT refunds into rewards at home and away. Our rewards platform harnesses financial payment networks and brand partners to engage our UTU members, delivering a seamless and transparent mobile experience.

Our Team

We come from the VAT refund, payment card and consulting worlds and were principally involved for more than 10 years building the value in the two largest tax free operators today. Understanding your frustrations when you receive a low refund amount and face the inconvenience of queues, we decided to transform the old ways of doing things. We focus on delivering value by rewarding you instantly through an authentic mobile experience.

Our 'Why'

We start every day by looking to see how we can do things better today than we did yesterday. We search for fairness, always looking to remove barriers created from the conventional way of doing things. Committed to delighting our customers, our crafted solutions offer you the best.

Globalizing Rewards

We believe no matter where you shop, you should be rewarded


A platform that instantly rewards shoppers, whether it’s earning points in Thailand or redeeming a 100% tax refund in Italy.

Cross Border

A unique rewards platform that allows you to convert other loyalty points, and earn cashback from them, even when shopping overseas*

*Based on UTU country presence

Real Time

Get notified and prompted for promotions that matter. UTU keeps track of your tax refunds and rewards so you spend less time queuing and more time exploring.