For the last few months, tourists worldwide have been eagerly following travel news platforms for a much-awaited update regarding the resumption of travel. Following months of being cooped up at home, travelers are itching to jump on the next flight to Rome to see the Colosseum or to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower. As the border restrictions across Europe are gradually being eased, the time to start planning for the next trip and rediscover your love for travel has begun.

Here are 5 essentials things to do before your next European trip!

  1. Compare flight and hotel prices across a variety of platforms to make sure you get the best deals, and check Skyscanner’s COVID-19 Hub

As you embark on our next holiday, it may be overwhelming to scour a variety of different air carrier websites to find the ideal combination of price and journey times that suit you. Since booking flights and accommodation account for a large part of the travel budget, getting started on this process as soon as possible will allow you to secure the best deals. Using booking engines such as Skyscanner bring all this information together, working as a marketplace for flights, hotels and car hires allowing you to easily make comparisons and draw conclusions. Available in the UTU Tax Free App under UTU Bookings, the Skyscanner widget is nestled within UTU’s services, establishing a single touch point for your travel needs. Furthermore, check out Skyscanner’s COVID-19 Hub for the latest in travel & border openings globally, as well as updates from the WHO so that you’re fully prepared months ahead.

  1. Identify the places you want to visit and research the best days and times to visit

Before your trip, identify the places you would like to visit be it attractions, shops or restaurants. Planning a detailed itinerary ahead of your trip will ensure you can capitalize on the time available on holiday and identify what works with your budget. Referring to websites such as TripAdvisor or Arrival Guides will also help you connect with seasoned travelers and read their expert reviews, rest assured that you are visiting the best places and making the most of your trip. Included in the ‘Explore’ section of the UTU Tax Free App, the Arrival Guides deliver an all-encompassing view of your destination, providing detailed information by experts in the industry.

  1. Find out how you will get around from one place to another

Generally, in Europe, everyone uses the different modes of public transport available due to their ease, efficiency and reliability. Ensuring you are well acquainted with the location of your hotel as well as the closest bus stops and train stations will save you time, stress and money while you are on holiday. Sometimes pre-purchasing transport passes online can be more budget friendly if you buy them in advance and will allow you to skip the queues while you are there. Thinking about these things in advance will give you ample time to account for all these details.

  1. Educate yourself regarding the safe distancing measures in place for the country you want to visit

The world of travel is set to experience a radical change post-Covid, adapting and adjusting to the new normal. With countries implementing greater safe distancing measures and more stringent restrictions with regards to going out in public, it will be beneficial to be well aware of what the standard operating procedure will be in the country you are visiting ensuring all the necessary arrangements are made.

  1. Check in for your flight online

Travelers will be spending more time at airports in order to comply with the processes in place to not only protect yourself but as well as others. In order to offset some of this time spent as well as eliminate some of the stress and hassle, check in online and skip the queues!

As you prepare for your next trip, it is important to ensure you not only have a good time but also continue to stay safe. Following these 5 essential tips will hopefully make the planning process easier and your journey just that much smoother!

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