UTU Tax Free users can now access exciting travel content, thanks to a collaboration with Lonely Planet company, Arrival Guides. This feature will be available through UTU’s City Guide by the end of May.

UTU, the go-to app for VAT refunds for tourist shopping in Europe, today announces a collaboration with Arrival Guides, a Lonely Planet Company. The new feature enables users to access essential destination recommendations and key information vital for future trip planning. Covering 121 countries globally, with in-house creative and content masters, Arrival Guides provides a fully stocked virtual travel planning repository covering essential areas one would need to plan for in a post Covid-19 world. As the newest member of the Lonely Planet family, Arrival Guides focusses heavily on content that drives consumer loyalty, and aids brands connected to travel in their pursuit to enhance customer solutions. Whether it may be mapping out a biking outing in Amsterdam, or discovering special attractions around Paris, Arrival Guides never fails to deliver on surprise across various segments of travel exploration. From covering Michelin restaurant dining spots to unsung city explorations presented in an off-the-beaten-path writing approach, Arrival Guides gives a birds eye view of untapped areas and events as well as an in-built directory connected to all related spots available in the UTU Tax Free app.

This partnership speaks to both companies’ core consumer-centric values and enhances UTU’s strong proposition of encapsulating digital solutions through a mobile product for tourists, when visiting the 19 eurozone countries later this year.

The tie-up is a milestone in UTU’s mission to deliver value for tourist shopping in Europe and adds a lifestyle dimension to the UTU Tax Free app that goes beyond VAT Refunds and Rewards. This validates UTU’s position as a significant disruptor in the tax-free shopping space by providing yet another product in addition to the company’s various customer-centric, digital tax-free shopping solutions. It is also a step in ensuring that in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, UTU is working to provide a strong suite of products that customers will find beneficial once safe travel resumes.

The collaboration content covers all 19 eurozone countries and will be a complimentary offering to all UTU Tax Free members.

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