How travel’s about to change

Like many of you, we’re now fondly reminiscing about the halcyon days of travel and yearning to plan our next trip ahead in 2020. As countries begin to release their shutdowns periodically with cautious guidelines, it is natural that global travel will resume with traveller safety in mind. That being said, the world of tomorrow is bound to introduce  changes that we will have to learn to adapt to. Perhaps as we switch off and destress after telecommuting or online classes today, it might be a welcoming change to start journaling ideas regarding future travel and exploration plans? – especially when they may be more adaptable than we think!


UTU’s checklist for travel planning

Be up to date with travel and country guidelines & plan as U go

Airline carriers, hotels, accommodation and travel agencies are ensuring that travellers just like you and I are accommodated for in future planning. Companies like Skyscanner have been extremely diligent in outlining their current and future policies and informing us travellers of changes that may lie ahead. To stay up-to-date with the latest news on when travel may resume, there are daily updates on Skyscanner’s webpage: COVID-19 hub .

Planning ahead to get the most of your tax free shopping overseas is a smart solution, and with UTU, you get an absolute head start, so ensure to set a reminder to activate your UTU Plus virtual account prior to your dates of departure, as a unique planning tool. Our other solutions, such as Direct and 100% Refund will compliment your future travels perfectly too, so check them out here

Spot early deals, save time and always get the highest VAT refund with UTU

For now, most travel, hotel and accomodation companies are reintroducing their product offerings and are still providing extremely affordable prices as well as greater flexibility by adjusting their refund policies. Several airlines in Europe, are also running promotions for early travels in to 2021. Don’t miss out on grabbing some deals! Once you’ve secured your seats, booked your hotels and are set to travel and shop, also take into consideration that longer VAT refund operator lines may arise in the future, and to avoid these, always ensure that you get the highest VAT refund with UTU, and skip the queues, as well as the high operator fees when you’re shopping abroad. Also, always ensure that you’re using UTU’s mobile app to track your refund.

Don’t stop wanderlusting, as UTU collaborates with Arrival Guides, a Lonely Planet Company

Now that we’ve established that travel will evolve once it resumes, let’s dive right into the excitement that comes with getting seated up in-flight and landing in your dream destination. UTU’s partnered up with Arrival Guides, a Lonely Planet Company to give tourists fresh content on the app via its City Guides. This new feature enables tourists to access essential destination recommendations in a fully stocked virtual travel planning repository. Once you’re able to travel to a city in Europe that you’ve never ventured to before, be sure to keep up to date with guides on your mobile that give you some unique spots to explore. Don’t just take your Instagram photos in the same spots as everyone else; venture out to someplace undiscovered! With UTU & Arrival Guides launching fresh content for all 19 Eurozone countries, you’ll be able to have dining, shopping, events and cultural spots at your fingertips. That Michelin star restaurant you saw a Facebook ad for may be in your reach when you’re walking around a city, just with a quick browse through UTU Arrival Guides.

All set & ready

Preparing for the ‘new equilibrium’ from now, will equip travellers with the necessary information for their next trip – saving time, money and effort in the long run. From thinking and talking about priorities and interests to exploring vacation spots that best suit us, it will be time well spent – giving you a sense of positivity and hope for the good times to come. So, start today!

As countries explore the option of opening their borders in the coming months, let’s all look ahead and up to the skies, because soon enough, we’ll be up there in our flights to our dream destinations.

UTU’s always here to compliment your future travel dreaming.

Download UTU here & start your planning today!


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