With the number of COVID-19  cases growing exponentially and the pandemic situation rapidly escalating, most companies have made the executive decision to begin work-from-home procedures to protect and safeguard employees through social distancing. This has led to an unusual challenge for many, working from home full-time for the first time.

Regardless of whether you have done this before, telecommuting as a result of the virus may feel like a totally different world. It is sudden, you don’t know how long it’ll last, and it involves the whole team.

Nevertheless, staying safe is always of the utmost importance and there are so many ways to make the most of your time at home to help you be your most productive self. This includes designating a workspace at home, following a schedule and eliminating distractions to create a divide between your work and home life, allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand but also being able to switch off after a long day.

Remember, working from home doesn’t necessitate putting professional growth on hold rather the time can be used to strategically plan your next move.


Journaling for future travel plans 

Although few of us will be travelling anytime soon, it doesn’t mean we can’t plan for the future. As students embark on online ‘home learning’ programs and professionals telecommute from home, it brings out a yearning in us to plan a get-away for when the time is right. From thinking and talking about priorities and interests to exploring spots to go on vacation that best suits us, it will be time well spent giving us a sense of positivity and hope for the good times to come.


How we can help the community (any kind of social sharing/awareness/kindness) 


Around the globe, people continue to grapple with the notorious COVID-19 pandemic forcing business to shut down and people to go unpaid. This has created a created a sense of unease amongst the global population and although it is often easy to feel discouraged and overwhelmed through these uncertain and unpredictable times, it is all the more vital to support those in need be it through financial or emotional support.

You can give back to your community by donating groceries to food banks, organisations making food packs or even helping those who are more vulnerable to the virus with their groceries. If you have the means to support vulnerable communities financially, you could also help donate money to organisations such as the Red Cross who are collecting money to support the many services they offer to communities in need. Finally, if you do not have the financial means to donate money to these organisations, you can even help from the comfort of your home by adding the chrome extension ‘tab/search for a cause’ which takes count of how many tabs and donations you make and converts them into donations for your charity of choice.

A little goes a long way so even a small act of goodwill and community spirit will help those in need during this trying time


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