As the world is mending and adjusting to the changing times, we’re in sync with all of our UTU Partners here and globally supporting each other so that we come out of this stronger than ever. There is always a synergy in each other’s initiatives, big or small, that help raise awareness or aid any relevant social causes.

Today, the spotlight is on LiveSalesman (LSM) our partners who manage UTU Tax Free members’ interactive customer support. Whenever you’ve got a question, you’re speaking to one of dedicated support specialists specially trained and covering the global requests from India and China.

Due to the Covid 19 spread in both countries, all of our support specialists are working from home and LiveSalesman has spearheaded a community-driven social effort to help stop the spread.

UTU is proud to support and praise the efforts of Saurabh Dadu and his team for very early on educating the Indian public on hand hygiene & keeping passenger transport vehicles clean, to fight COVID-19. They started this campaign to disinfect local taxis & rickshaws, sanitise hands of general public and educate them about Coronavirus prevention.

We encourage others to start similar campaigns in their own capacity, so together we can fight Coronavirus and flatten the curve. We also thank Saurabh and his team for all the support they have given to us and our members, especially in times like this. We hope we can be a part of your future Euro trip planning in the coming months after the virus pandemic subsides.


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